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Welcome to the Ohio Digital Experience
Welcome to the Ohio Digital Experience
The Ohio Digital Experience (ODX) is the State of Ohio's enterprise digital channel for identity and user experience solutions. Digital identity allows us to interact and build meaningful relationships with the citizens that use our services by providing tailored information and communications specific to users’ needs. Our innovative platform fuels digital transformation and provides state agencies with products, capabilities, and tools to streamline how they deliver their services. ODX products offer a cost-efficient way to comply with federal and state information security standards and regulations, and accessibility guidelines. 


We're on a mission to provide Ohio's citizens, businesses and workforce with a secure and private digital identity and an intuitive and interactive user experience.

Core Principles

Our core principles define what is important to us as a digital transformation program and guide us toward meeting our mission, vision and goals.

Human Centered

Constituents’ expectations for digital experiences are increasing and can be best described using terms such as accessible, available, real-time, and mobile responsive. We understand the interplay between identity management and user experience – as security measures increase, so does friction. By stepping into our constituents’ shoes, we deliver personalized, high-value, high-quality interactions that achieve users’ expectations while protecting their identity.

Cost Effective

Repeatability and scalability are hallmarks of what makes ODX cost effective and process efficient. ODX enables continuing state-wide cost avoidance by delivering a centralized service available for Ohio’s agencies and programs. Enterprise frameworks, innovative methods, standard tools, and seamless services can significantly accelerate operational value to agencies and their constituents. As agencies and programs onboard to ODX’s enterprise platform, they avoid ongoing, redundant costs associated with security, privacy, and ADA solutions that would otherwise be maintained at the agency and program levels.


Identity is at the core of the ODX program. Data and security breaches come at a massive cost for State government, both in reputation damage and financial cost. ODX provides a secure enterprise digital identity, allowing the State to take a proactive approach to prevent malicious attacks from occurring by ensuring that users are who they say they are. Our mission is to foster trust between State agencies and constituents through secure and private digital transactions – allowing both parties to breathe a little easier, knowing that their sensitive information is protected.


We recognize that each agency has a mission to serve its constituents, and our goal is to simplify security, maintenance, and adherence to standards and regulations so that your agency can do just that. Whether you are a large agency with significant technical resources or a small agency with one person in your IT department, you can on-board to ODX products with limited disruption to your day-to-day business. ODX has created a framework of repeatable patterns to streamline the on-boarding process for agencies, allowing agencies to focus on their constituents and their agency’s priorities.

Solution Pillars

Digital transformation, by its very nature, revolutionizes the way users interact and experience digital at the State of Ohio. Our solutions are designed to reduce friction from this transformation through an enhanced user experience that builds trust with constituents with increased security and privacy measures.


Enterprise Identity

With one OH|ID account citizens or businesses can sign in to multiple government agencies systems more securely.

User Experience

Enable state agencies, boards, and commissions to successfully deliver efficient, easy-to-use  and personalized digital experiences for citizens and businesses.