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Information at Your Fingertips
Information at Your Fingertips

How onboarding to ODX helps ohio.gov better serve the citizens of Ohio

Ohio.gov partnered with the Ohio Digital Experience (ODX) to redesign their new website, seeking to better guide constituents to valuable state resources and provide the website with a fresh, modernized look and feel. The previous website, although full of great information, proved difficult for users to navigate the numerous links and to return search results that would guide them to the information they needed quickly and efficiently. The new ohio.gov website, using the ODX Portal Builder, was designed with Ohio’s constituents in mind to create a website with relevant, valuable and easily accessible content and an overall improved user experience.

Within the first month of its launch on August 31, 2018, over 70,000 constituents have visited the newly designed website. The new ohio.gov site serves as a centralized hub for state resources and provides constituents with the information they need through pre-loaded commonly asked questions organized by topic. This feature allows simple, intuitive navigation for constituents who know what they’re looking for, tailored specifically for those topics that people most frequently look for on the site in their proper context.

Ohio.gov often is a landing page for users who aren't exactly sure what they are looking for, so the new ohio.gov site optimized search to better assist these constituents. Those visiting the site benefit from a more efficient search feature that cuts down the amount of time they spend searching for answers and information. The previous search feature was not comprehensive, did not index all state websites and yielded poor results. The new search feature is a focal point of the website, guiding users to what they are looking for and providing quick answers to create an all-around better searching experience.

A brand-new media center was also created that houses press releases, stories, and event information for Ohio’s state agencies, departments, boards and commissions. Users can easily filter events by topic, agency, or location to get relevant, updated information. For those new to the site who need assistance, ohio.gov offers support in the form of a live chat feature or through email. Due to the updated search feature and the addition of answers to commonly asked questions, Ohio.gov employees have been able to decrease the amount of time spent responding to help requests.

The ohio.gov website will continue to improve users’ experience on the website with the addition of a new, universal navigation functionality. In the future, state government websites will be more interconnected, enabling users to easily navigate to and from each site to find information. ODX is also working with ohio.gov to release a new alerts feature to enable time sensitive food recalls and emergency alerts to reach constituents quicker, helping Ohioans to stay informed on topics that may impact their everyday lives.Some of the most frequently viewed content on the site relates to jobs, unclaimed funds, unemployment, child support, voter registration, and education. Ohio.gov gathers resources for these topics that matter most to Ohioans in one place, making it easier to navigate state government.

For questions related to on-boarding to OH|ID and ODX, please contact Derek Bridges at derek.j.bridges@das.ohio.gov or Elizabeth Robinson at elizabeth.robinson@das.ohio.gov. For general inquiries, please contact the ODX mailbox at ohio.digital.experience@das.ohio.gov .